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Walking route from the parking lot.


The Softball Qualifier Event takes place at Sportpark de Paperclip, which is usually used by various sports clubs that are part of ‘Algemene Sportvereniging UVV’. During the Softball Qualifier Event you can take a seat in the stands that will be built around the softball field.  We welcome our VIP guests to the Diamond Club (see VIP on the map). For extra fun and a snack or a drink you can visit the Friends Plaza.

Are you up for a challenge? Discover the strength of your softball skills… Or learn how to play Baseball5 – a new urban variation of the game. You can find the side event area around and on the baseball field.

House rules
As a visitor to the Softball Qualifier Event you must adhere to the house rules of the tournament. You can find the house rules via this link.

Note: Dogs or other pets are not allowed on the tournament grounds.

If you visit the Softball Qualifier Event by car, you can find a parking spot (free of charge) at the specially designated parking places. There will be sufficient signage around the sports park to the parking facilities. For our VIP guests we have reserved parking places close to the entrance. There are also disabled parking places here.

Regular day tickets and VIP day tickets for the Softball Qualifier Event are available via the button below. A day ticket costs € 5.50 each, VIP tickets are available from € 75. Regular day tickets can also be purchased at the ticket booths at the tournament accommodation.


The top eight softball teams from the Europe-Africa region will travel to the Netherlands and compete at the Take Off to Tokyo in 2019. The tournament will be hosted in Utrecht from the 23rd to the 27th of July, and will showcase six European and two African countries as they battle it out on the softball field. Eight teams will compete, but only one team will earn their ticket to Tokyo.


Softball Qualifier Event Europe/Africa

Sportpark de Paperclip
Parkzichtlaan 201
3451 GX Vleuten

E-mail: info@softball-qualifier.nl