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The WBSC Softball Qualifier Europe/Africa in Utrecht is under the auspices of the 'Topsport UVV Honk- en Softbal' Foundation in Utrecht. The aim of the Foundation is to promote baseball and softball in the Netherlands through top sporting events,
in particular in Utrecht and the surrounding area.



The WBSC Softball Qualifier Tournament in July 2019 is organised by the UVV foundation. Through organising and hosting quality sporting events, the foundation aims to promote baseball and softball in the Netherlands, and more specifically in Utrecht and the surrounding area. The UVV Foundation (Chamber of Commerce No. 52758419) is located at the Sports Park De Paperclip. The official address of the foundation is Parkzichtlaan 201, 3451GX Utrecht. The foundation maintains close contact with various sport related bodies; such as unions, governments and institutions that are involved in the organisation of baseball and softball. With the financial help of subsidies and sponsorship, the foundation acquires the funds to host top sporting events. The UVV Baseball and Softball facilities are utilised for all tournaments, and community volunteers contribute to the efforts of the foundation. UVV Foundation was established in 2011 and since its formation, UVV has hosted various Championship and All-Star events. These tournaments include the European Baseball Under 12 Championship in 2017, the European Baseball Championship in 2012, and the All-Star Baseball and Softball Games in 2011, 2014 and 2015. The Europe-Africa Softball Qualification Tournament in 2019 will be the foundation’s most significant achievement yet.


The top eight softball teams from the Europe-Africa region will travel to the Netherlands and compete at the Take Off to Tokyo in 2019. The tournament will be hosted in Utrecht from the 23rd to the 27th of July, and will showcase six European and two African countries as they battle it out on the softball field. Eight teams will compete, but only one team will earn their ticket to Tokyo.


Softball Qualifier Event Europe/Africa

Sportpark de Paperclip
Parkzichtlaan 201
3451 GX Vleuten

E-mail: info@softball-qualifier.nl